Refreshing pastel paint colors never fail for nurseries. However, it’s not that easy to choose that perfect color. If you pick too much pigmented color, the room will look like a candy exposition. Too little pigment will look like a washout.

These sweet and cheek shadows are professionally chosen – they are perfectly balanced and it’s guaranteed you will not fail.

1.Blush: Sherwin-Williams Intimate White SW 6322

Traditional pink nursery room pastel color is more sophisticated with this beautiful rosy blush without being too girly.

2. Peach: Behr Almond Kiss RD-W13

nursery pastel paints

This pretty color creates a really cozy and sweet space, especially combined with white furniture and caramel inspired accessories.

3. Coral: Sherwin-Williams Faint Coral SW 6329

nursery pastel paints

Coral pastel paint colors always bring life to a space, even in its lighter shades. This color conbines the femininity of pink and vitality of orange, but at the same time sooth and cheer.

4. Periwinkle: Sherwin-Williams Wishful Blue SW 6813

nursery pastel paints

This delicate periwinkle blue with hints of lavender and gray can create sweet girlish palette when combined with pink accessories and more neutral effect with gray, blue and silver. One of the favorites for a baby room.

5. Aqua Blue: Benjamin Moore Morning Sky 2053-70

nursery pastel paints

Aqua is fresh and gender-neutral color, paired beautifully with bright juicy yellow and oranges.

6. Purple: Benjamin Moore New Age 1444

nursery pastel paints

In a right shade purple is a soothing color. With an infusion of pink, this ligh and airy color creates a cheerful and warm look.

7. Pink: The Spruce Best Home Rose Power SPR-20

nursery pastel paints

This shades is more pigmented than average pastel, but it has muted undertones to keep it cool. The best pair will be creamy white accents.

8. Mint: Valspar Mint Spritzer 7005-11

nursery pastel paints

Pastels are not just for girls. This mint green will look perfect with any color: yellow or silver for gender-neutral space, or pink or color for a girlish one.

9. Ivory: Benjamin Moore Crisp Linen CSP-305

pastel house colors

A soft butter-colored ivory shade will create a warm cheerful space for your kid combined with creamy yellow tones.

10. Lavender: Behr Hint of Violet PPU16-08

nursery pastel paints

Purple may look lovely on a swatch, but too much dark on a real wall. This muted shade is a safe option, which you will love.