Plants in the Bathroom: 35+ Decor Examples

Plants in the bathroom are found in the projects of international designers more and more often. The best examples are in our new selection!

Indoor plants is one of the most fashionable hobbies of a person in the 20s of the XXI century. Residents of big cities, tired of the hectic life, are trying to create an oasis of silence, peace and tranquility in their home – an idyllic garden. Over the past few years, green plants mania entered every corner of our houses: from balconies and windows, plants gradually fill the entire space, including such unusual places for them as hallways or bathrooms.

How can plants survive in a bathroom? Indeed, not all types endure high humidity and lack of light. Lucky if your bathroom has a window – then the green leaves will be comfortable. But without a window, you will have to go to all sorts of tricks, choosing those types that survive even in low light, or buying a special phytolamp for them. In extreme cases, you can replace potted plants with cut branches. And let our selection inspire you to decorate the bathroom in your home with green decor!