dark kitchen


1. Dark kitchens

Interior design trends 2019 black kitchen

Many interior design studios report a significant increase in requests for black kitchens, noting the trend of using darker shades for home interior decoration. Since the beginning of the year the popularity of dark and black colours in interior design has increased by more than 90%. That means white and grey colours are not longer number one options. This year emphasis is on black, in contrast contrasts with rich coffee, brown, gray and beige tones.

2. Concrete Bathrooms

Interior design trends 2019 concrete bathroom

Today, concrete and cement have a rebirth. Building material, which until recently was considered suitable only for industrial use, has become one of the most fashionable textures in the interior. Leading factories produce different elements from concrete and cement, and designers discover new facets of the composition. Extravagant, practical and environmentally friendly, it corresponds to the trend “natural materials in the interior”, fits perfectly into the aesthetics of the loft and adapts to other styles.

3. Velvet

Velvet makes any environment luxurious. Back in 2018, velvet became one of the most popular materials in all the furniture collections of the most famous manufacturers. Interior designers declare velvet will remain the main trend of the coming years. And this is not surprising: the fabric is pleasant to touch, rich in shades, shimmers beautifully in the sun and easily adds theatricality or irony to the interior.

4. Statement Hanging Pendant Lighting

statement pendant lighting

The advantages of pendant lights include, first of all, the obvious decorativeness of this type of lighting. It is like jewellery for the room. So, one or another pendant can have an original color, shape, material or special perforation, very beautifully scattering light. In addition, this type of lamps are almost necessary in a room with a high ceiling, because the light spreads more evenly, and not only in the upper part of the room, leaving the lower one dim.

5. Unique Vanity Mirrors

The larger the mirror, the better – this is how designers thought and introduced a new trend. Moreover, the mirror can be placed above the sink or on the side wall, in full growth. This is a good option for those who want to refresh bathroom interior but on a budget — you only can replace the old mirror with a one of unusual shapes – round, made of an unusual material, or with an interesting design.

Which of these 2019 interior design trends you love the most?