Linen, bamboo and sandy beige tones – the recipe for a stylish boutique hotel from The Other Season design studio.

Strandhotel Zoomers is located by the sandy dunes of the beach in Castricume, in the north of Holland. The building, with its colorful wooden facades, was completed by Breddels Architecten in early 2020, and now The Other Season has infused the hotel’s interiors with a warm natural palette.

“For the floors, doors and furniture in all 12 rooms, we chose natural materials such as bamboo and wood to tie the hotel’s exterior and interiors together, while shades of green and beige highlight the beauty of the local landscape,” the designers explain.

All rooms have simple white walls and concrete ceilings and are furnished with furniture and accessories from the local designer brand HK Living. Large beds are decorated with striped taupe or burgundy pillows and sand-colored linen bedspreads. Bamboo-paneled cabinets complement wicker chairs by the windows. Seashell décor is complimented with amber vases and large lamps, which depict delicate outlines of faces.

Strandhotel Zoomers does not have a restaurant, but there is a cozy breakfast room where guests can enjoy drinks and snacks. The platter rack is made of wood, as is the cupboard and central dining table surrounded by white wire mesh chairs.