bedroom with mirror wall

Today, different variations of mirrors are used in interior design of rooms of any size and purpose, such as panels, shaped mirrors, tiles, as well as mirrored walls. With this variety of designs, mirror interior decoration can improve the look of the room as easily as it can destroy it.
In general people think mirrors help to expand the particular space, and this is true. However, if you use them illiterate, forgetting about the important aspects, you can get a strange, blurry, and sometimes even creepy effect. Here are some recommendations how to use the mirrored walls.

Making a room more spacious

Probably everybody is familiar with the problems of insufficiently lit, small rooms, where you feel restrained. Therefore, placing large mirrors on walls can be a solution.A mirror wall will increase the space if a window is reflected in it, and neutral or light shades are used in the room. This will create the illusion of a second window, and multiplying light will make the room visually much lighter.Also you can use mirror panels in the upper part of the wall, since they add the volume to room, but are high enough not to strain the gaze of a seated person.

dining room with mirror wall

Without doubt, you can decorate the wall with floor-to-ceiling mirror panels behind the back of armchairs or sofas, behind the head of the bed, or, for example, in the corridor or hall. So, the reflection will not confuse or disturb, and the room will become more elegant.

mirrored wall in a bedroom


Sometimes the room seems quite cozy, but the interior lacks some kind of accent. Try to add a mirror element, but placing it on a full wall or on a large part of it.
Mirrors of an unusual shapes will look especially great. But remember, they should not reflect too many interior objects, otherwise it will be difficult concentrate your eyes, which may cause psychological discomfort.

accent mirrored wall

Mirrored sections of walls are perfect for use in rooms with a matte, calm wall texture and a set of only the most necessary furniture. This decoration will look as harmonious as possible, without any competition.

designer mirror man and woman

Fragmentation dynamics

Interesting effects can be created with the mirrors in rhythmic fragments: the space increases slightly, but the reflection almost does not disturb you.

fragmented mirror wall
designer mirror wall

A wall decorated like this becomes an independent object in the interior with many advantages:- reflects light through a large number of mirrors;- has different relief and texture;- It looks catchy and unusual.

decorative mirrors on the wall

In whatever form mirrors are used, being a solid wall cladding or a separate object decorating a fireplace, they are able to transform a room, of course, if they were installed in compliance with all recommendations.