Everybody loves beautiful bathrooms.It is a place of solitude, a place to relax and sometimes, one of the most underrated rooms in your house. In this collection you can find the most outstanding projects we admire. From petite powder rooms to big master baths, these amazing bathroom design ideas will inspire you for your next bathroom remodel.

black bathroom

A sultry vibe is created by a black marble vanity and smoked black mirror.

beautiful bathroom

In this space a blue accent wall and patterned floor elevate the aesthetics.

island tropical style bathroom

key element in this bathroom. The walls and ceiling have a texture and envelop the space, which is a part of the master bedroom.

abstract bathroom

This powder room features a black and white designer mural.

In this designer loft, the walls and floor are sheathed in white dolomite marble.

rustic bathroom

The house is designed in rustic style, which extends into this beautiful master bath.

Black and white hues contrast for a rich yet minimalist effect in this design.

vintage bathroom

This bathroom features a vintage tub and marble floor.

Artdeco bathroom

This marble bath has an interesting lively Art Deco touch with a Chinese rug.

white tub bathroom

A white tub is the centerpiece of this space.

luxurious blue bathroom

The custom designs and the best brands were used for this luxurious bathroom.

mirror bathroom

The statement of the bathroom is the mirror – it’s Chinese from 19th century.

white bathroom

The owner of this all-white bathroom is one American actress. The vanity and chair are custom designs.

wooden bathroom cabinets

The classical master bathroom of a house in Florida

Art Deco dark bathroom

Custom-made moldings of carved walnut, steel, and silver leaf replicate an original motif in the Art Deco apartment building.

marble bathroom

The circa-1850 marble tub and the18th-century French vanity.

glass walls bathroom

This bathroom is like a spa-retreat. Etched-stone tiles sheathe a wall that separates two distinct bathing areas.

onyx bathroom

Designers incorporated a mixture of luxurious materials in this master bathroom. The walls are covered in onyx fantastico, and the flooring is marble and onyx; the sconces are vintage.

irish-georgian style bathroom

A master bath in an Irish Georgian–style.

light bathroom

The light-filled master bath features a custom-made vanity, mirror, and a bathtub of volcanic limestone.

pink marble bathroom

This chic bathroom has marble walls and granite flooring.

minimalistic bathroom

The minimalist vanity gives this bathroom a sleek modern look.

glass bathroom

The metallic-and-marble shower has a custom designed door and vanity.

black marble bathroom

The 1950s vase was a Paris flea-market find.

A tile mosaic creates a unique accent wall in this space

ocean green bathroom

In this coastal home, the guest bathroom has an exciting combination of great lighting and ocean blue paint.

The master bath is sheathed in glass tiles and the vanity and mirrors are parchment-covered.

The soft color palette, that tub and natural materials give natural zen vibe.

French country classic bathroom

This beautiful vanity with the oval sinks is so unique and when mixed with the classic brass faucets, it creates perfect French Country Classical style.