Choosing a kitchen splashback is one of the major problems you face when you design a kitchen. Our expert tips will help you make the right choice, given the three main factors: color, design and budget.

The trendy open kitchen layout and the popularity of the studios turn cooking at home into a culinary show that can be watched from the dining room or living room. And if we are talking about the show, then the “scene” should be decorated appropriately. And the kitchen splashback plays one of the main roles: after all, it serves as the backdrop for the entire culinary action. At the same time, it has its direct purpose: to protect the wall from splashes, stains, grease, steam. Find below how to choose a stylish and fashionable kitchen splashback that would be practical and at the same time meet modern trends in kitchen design. So let’s go!



The choice of splashbback depends on the countertop. This is obvious, but it is a fact: first of all, you have to decide whether you want the splashback and countertop to be made in the same color palette and style, or, on the contrary, contrast with each other, like a white marble countertop with black tiles .

Do not chase fashion trends. Fashion and trends often force us to act contrary to our tastes and preferences. But tile is not a dress that can be easily replaced, its re-arrangement will cost too much. Therefore, if you are not sure that you really like the decor or pattern that is popular this season, do not risk. Better follow your heart and do what you really like, even if it’s not trendy.

Check the tile samples before buying. As with paint, lighting affects our perception of the color of the tile, and it can look different at different times of the day. Therefore, take samples of the tiles that you want to buy in the store and lean them against the wall on which they will be laid. If you have already brought in a kitchen or have a sample of countertops on hand, see how they work with tiles. If you buy handmade tile, keep in mind that it can be very different even from test samples, since each product is unique.

A kitchen splashback does not have to be boring. If you like color, think of colorful tile. Even if we are talking about a rented apartment, where, perhaps, other people with different tastes will later live, do not be afraid to experiment. After all, now you live here!

Details and textures. If, on the contrary, you are not a fan of bright colors, but you want something more than a simple white tile on the wall, pay attention to the tile with an unusual texture. Even the simplest plain tiles can have interesting shape, manual glazing or an unusual texture that imitates wood or even fabric. This way you can keep the overall color neutral, but create a spectacular, visually appealing surface.

Take the grout color seriously. Everything can be ruined if you choose the wrong grout color. Note that contrast grout visually highlights the tile, its laying and pattern. On the other hand, matching the color of the tiles gives your kitchen splashback great look and texture. Consult a tiles seller in this matter.

Bright splashback: yes or no? Even if you like bright colors and catchy patterns, do not to make the splashback too bright. It is better to stick to calm, neutral shades – blue, greenish, rusty, sand. They will allow in the future to painlessly change the style of the interior of your kitchen without the need to remove tiles from the wall. If you choose hot pink or, say, crimson red splashback, it will be more difficult to adapt to future changes.


The choice of white tiles depends on the style of your kitchen. For more traditional kitchens, ivory tiles with a matte finish are better. For a modern minimalist interior – glossy bright-white tiles.

Pay attention to the tones. What kitchen do you want: dazzling white or a milder milky white? This is the question you should ask yourself before buying a white tile. If you want something bright and dazzling, choose cool white with a bluish tint. For a softer range, warm, yellowish (but without obvious yellowness!) tones, similar to the color of milk, are suitable.

Do not forget about the glaze. Glaze also affects the color of white tiles. Decide if you would like a super-glossy splashback or something more calm.

Consider other materials you have selected. If you have a lot of warm materials in your kitchen (natural wood, textiles) it makes sense to “dilute” them with cooler white so that the space does not look too yellow. Always test the white tiles at the site before purchasing and installing.


Consider your kitchen layout. If your kitchen does not have top cabinets, you can put the splashback to the top, which will visually increase the height of the ceilings in the room. The same goes for open shelving: you can fill the entire wall with tiles to the bottom shelf. Let the space itself dictate the design for you.

Think about what a splashback should bring to the look of your kitchen. Analyze the room and determine if you want to create the illusion of greater width or greater height. The pattern and laying of the tiles will depend on this. Of course, there are always exceptions to this rule, but usually the tiles are laid the same way throughout the whole kitchen:

  • Horizontal laying visually expands the room, but reduces its height.
  • Vertical, on the contrary, narrows and makes it visually higher.
  • Chess pattern creates a classic, concise look.
  • Herringbone is good for an accent wall, where there is not too much of it. In this case, you should be guided by the principle of Less is More.


Which tile is better: expensive or cheap? It all depends on your preferences and the overall design of the kitchen. Many designers like to use handmade tiles of medium or high price category. It’s expensive, but very high quality, and it looks unique.

What to consider when choosing. First of all, it’s worth clarifying for yourself what design of your kitchen will be built around: whether it is kitchen furniture, natural stone flooring or tile. Once you decide this, it will be easier for you to calculate expenses and prioritize costs. For example, if in your kitchen the main accent will be beautiful kitchen cabinets made of solid walnut, it probably makes no sense to splurge on an insanely expensive splashback. Neutral tile on budget is suitable for it, which will not distract attention from the headset. But if you are not limited, you can choose more chic options – the main thing is that it fits the style of your kitchen and the whole interior. Most kitchen splashbacks have a height of up to 60 cm, this is not such a large area, so it’s better to immediately estimate the total cost, and proceed from these figures in your calculations.

How to save on a splashback. There are several tricks to make cheap tiles look more expensive:

  • Lay the tile vertically. This creates a clean silhouette.
  • Choose custom shapes. Large mosaic or hexagonal tiles are good options.
  • Use a non-white grout. Silver gray and natural gray are designers’ favorite grout colors that can create contrast and don’t look too catchy.

More expensive options. If there is no question of money, choose handmade tiles. The beauty of this tile is that you will not find two identical products here. During installation, they give the finest game of tones and midtones, which looks simply amazing. Especially when light hits the wall at an angle. Another good option is a tile with a pattern made to order in an individual color. And finally, you can choose a glazed tile. It can be in different shades of white and creates a fashionable retro look.