beige interiors

Natural shades and especially beige interiors are so popular in 2020. And all the interior designers confirm – monochrome white spaces are still popular, but interiors in pastel natural shades: beige, grey, sand are gaining more and more popularity. We will tell you how to use them correctly in your interior design.

Wall paint

The pastel palette is very diverse. You can bet on the cold tones – beige with a tint of grey, or, conversely, warm, mixing brown tones with pink. The choice depends on your preferences and interior style.

Beige bedroom

Calm shades in the bedroom – what could be more logical! They create a peaceful atmosphere and prepare you for a good sleep. Try using pillowcases, bedspreads and sheets of different muted colors made from natural materials that are pleasant to touch.

Black details

warm tones living room white sofa

Beige and white contrast with gey and black. Dark accents make the interior visually deeper, but, like any details and accessories, don’t use too much. One vase, frame or lamp will be enough.

Natural colors and materials for beige interiors

neutral tones living room

The interior does not have to be monochrome and boring. Add grey-green, muted pink, terracotta, grey-blue colors – all natural shades compliment each other perfectly. Natural stone and wood are suitable for decoration: they are environmentally friendly and durable. At the top of trends today there is also rattan and jute – now it is not only a piece of furniture for the garden and terrace, but one of the most popular materials for indoor furniture.


Beige kitchen

modern kitchen

Beige tones will make kitchen warm and cozy and at the same time classy and very elegant. Try to paint part of the kitchen furniture and walls in the same color – you will get stylish, but not eccentric effect.

Warm shades in the bathroom

White is often chosen for the bathroom, and this is logical: it visually expands the space. However, there is a risk that instead of bigger space you will feel cold and sterile. Pastel shades blend perfectly with white porcelain and soften the interior, leaving a feeling of lightness.