wabi-sabi interior trend 2020

Top architects from around the world are inspired by the grace of wabi-sabi – or Zen minimalism. Read how to apply concise and functional solutions of this trendy style when designing your interior.

The Ryo Kan Spa Hotel in Mexico City, the Nobu Shoreditch restaurant in London and Tsukimi restaurant in Manhattan, private California villas and villas in southern Europe designed in wabi-sabi style – the so-called Japonisme – are the introduction of Japanese culture globally, and it is one of the top design trends of 2020. Minimalistic from the first point of view, this style is enriched with centuries-old values and is represents a philosophical perception of life.

Wabi-Sabi meaning

A deep awareness of space around you, the desire for visual lightness and simplicity are rooted in the religion and culture of the Land of the Rising Sun, in the lifestyle of the Japanese and their worldview. The Universe as a single space with the absolute harmony of man and the world around him, with the spirituality endowment of every thing and every object. This perception is a base of the modular architecture, which considers the whole space as a set of zones – ordered modules, each of which has its own place and its purpose.

These principles of wabi-sabi philosophy you can find not only in interiors of the eastern style, but also in the most modern premium interiors, whether it is minimalism, hi-tech, contemporary, loft, constructivism or eco-style.

Bathroom or lounge area takes a special place in any interior as it is a place of restoration of strength, calm and harmonization of thoughts. When working on the interior design and decoration, it is important not only to create a composition of necessary objects, but to comprehend it in order to get an organic space, regardless of whether it is a small room with a shower cabin in an apartment or a huge bathroom with a spa area and a pool.

Simple and Conscious

The Japanese aesthetics is a combination of archaism with maximum simplicity and at the same time with a certain “planned” imperfection in the elements of the interior and furniture items. For example, linen tablecloths, a handmade clay pot or a bench from an old board. Things are extremely functional and simple, but reflecting the true beauty of the path of life. Wabi-sabi is a grace of simplicity, a rejection of everything that does not make sense and has no purpose. Many unnecessary trifles and excessive decor violate the philosophical principle of wabi-sabi. Beauty and peace, acquired precisely within the functionality, there is no need to choose between them.

One of the most popular techniques when designing spaces with a bathroom or pool in the new wabi-sabi Japanese style is the use of sliding panels on the windows that separate the space, allow natural light to flow inside and open scenic views, blurring the line between man and nature.

wabi-sabi trend

The East is not just a trend in the interior, it is more a philosophy expressing the attitude to the interior as a functional “clean” space.

It seems that you can apply this approach to any modern space, if you take its design as consciously as the Japanese do it.