Christmas means as many lights as possible, and we absolutely love it.

christmas lights

Even the simpliest string of light adds atmosphere, coziness and Christmas spirit to any room. We have collected different ideas of Christmas light decoration for everybody, from minimalistic to glamorous style.


1.Kitchen Cabinets

christmas lights kitchen
Image credit: Malcolm Menzies

Why kitchen is always neglected when it comes to Christmas decoration? Simple but very effective idea – to hang a string of fairy light up around cabinets.

2. Dining Table

christmas table lights
Image credit: John Lewis

String some fairy lights along your dining table to add some extra. Add some more decoration as candles, foliage to create a beautiful Christmas table.

3. Fairy Lights as a Table Centrepiece

christmas table lights
Image credit: Lights4fun

Perfect visual warming up for a room is a copper wiring added to fairy lights. Display them in a vase or a jar like to create a beautiful table centrepiece.

4. Don’t Forget the Bedroom

bedroom christmas lights
Image credit: Annie Sloane

Just string your fairy lights above the bed – and immediately create a wonderful magic atmosphere.

5. Star-shaped Lights

christmas lights
Image credit: Lights4fun 

These fabulous lights can be hung on the window or placed on a sideboard.

6. Lights Everywhere!

white christmas lights decoration
Image credit: John Lewis 

Using fairy lights you can create a festive display out of a window still, a console table, shelves.

7. Fairy Lights for the Kids

christmas lights
Image credit: Lights4fun

Use candy cane fairy lights or, for example, Christmas tree shaped ones to add some fun and cheer.

8. Botanical Theme

christmas lights
Image credit: Lights4Fun

Botanical-themed fairy light is a great addition to your themed Christmas table. Compliment them with the real house plants or imitation of Christmas favorites.

9. Colored Lights for Retro Look

retro christmas lights
Image credit: Lights4fun

These nostalgic lights are back to be popular!

10. Exterior Decoration

exterior christmas lights
Image credit: Dobbies Garden Centres

One of the most beautiful things of Csristmas is people’s exterior decoration of their houses.

12. Dramatic Cascading Light

christmas lights
Image credit: Hurn & Hurn

A garland designed to be used as a cascade will add that glamorous festive glowing to any room.