The living room is the true heart of the house. Here you spend time with your guests, friends, family. It is not necessary to spend a fortune to design a beautiful living room. Even on a budget, you can create an inspiring and stylish interior with these easy tips.


1.Neat and Tidy

Wisely organized space with a minimum of unnecessary things and carefully selected details – is a must have for any beautiful living room. Think of storage, get rid of small things littering the room – and you will get a living room that will look at the same time clean and stylish.

2. The Right Curtains

The right curtains is one of the tricks that will allow visually make the room bigger. Hang them under the ceiling and let the fabric flow down to the floor.

3. Mix Different Textures, Styles and Materials

There is nothing wrong with maintaining uniformity, but do not be afraid to mix styles, materials and textures. Cold marble with wrinkled linen, graphic black details and romantic velvet? Why not! They are so different, but together they form an elegant, stylish whole.

4. Don’t Forget About the Rug!

A well-chosen rug helps to “connect” the furniture and can really give a “twist” to the living room interior. Smooth, long hair, with or without a pattern – there are many options. Choose the one that suits you personality!

5. Lighting

Of course, the chandelier is the main accent of any living room. However, just like earrings complement a luxurious necklace, smaller light sources such as floor lamps, table lamps and wall sconces are a great addition to the upper light.

Bet on “atmospheric” lighting that illuminate different parts of the room. Why not put one lamp on the bookshelf, another on the windowsill, and a third on the floor next to the sofa? All ideas are good!

6. Don’t Underestimate Art

Paintings, framed posters or black and white photographs – all this helps to make the living room cozy and give it an extraordinary look and chic. Hang one work or create an entire “art wall”, insert children’s drawings in colored mat, or place sculptures on the floor – any creativity will make your living room unique!

7. Nature at Home

And finally, flowers and plants will become the final touch in the living room decoration. In a bouquet or in flower pots, they will give any living room feeling of comfort and help revitalize the space. Flowers in vases, flower pots on the walls, pots on the windowsill or cupboard, tubs with ficus on the floor, florariums on the table – all this look great in any interior.