Are you looking for small bathroom ideas? Even a small bathroom can look stylish, spacious and bright.

Many of us dream about a big bathroom. However, there are some simple tricks that will help you visually increase the space without redevelopment. Some accessories, a few accents, splash of colour, textiles – can turn your small simple bathroom into a bathroom of your dreams. Read and take notes!

1.The Glass

This tiny bathroom looks gorgeous with the help of glass shower doors, white marble, pink walls and golden details.

2. Geometry

Hexagonal tiles and the mirror makes the small bathroom more interesting. 

3. Perfect lines

White panels on the walls are repeated on a bath and give this small bathroom a clean and stylish look.

4. Visually increasing the hight

You can achieve an illusion of higher ceiling by using smart color effects. Darker color lowers your eye and creates a distance from the upper part of the wall. Use the panels or the tiles halfway up the wall and paint other half in white.

5. Install a wall-mounted tap

Wall-mounted mixer taps save a lot of space under your basin. You can use it for the storage. 

6. Keep it simple

Small bathroom never looks good if you crowd it with too many things. Glass shower, minimalistic sink, large ceramic tiles will make a room feel bigger.

7. Wall-mounted furniture

There is a big variety of wall-mounted bathroom furniture, and it’s safe to save it’s the favorite choice for small bathrooms. 

8. Wallpaper as an accent

Special wallpaper for bathrooms will help to create a bold designer effect for your small bathroom and distract from its tiny size.

9. Freestanding furniture and storage

Freestanding pieces is a great way to decorate the small bathroom and you can easily move it around when you need.

10. Tiles trick

If you use the same tiles on the bathroom side and on the wall, it is difficult for the eye to distinguish them – and the space feels larger as a result. Marble is a perfect choice, as you can see in the picture.

11. The same tiles on the floor and walls

Large natural-stone panels and tiles are used for a seamless look and a spacious feel. The pop of colour can be added with towels, accessories and other details.

12. Slipper bath

Sometimes a standard roll-top doesn’t fit into the small bathroom. In this case a slipper bath can be an option, especially a short version.

13. Furniture that suit the scale

The basic vanity unit and storage rack sometimes are the only pieces of furniture you can use in a small bathroom. However, you can still add some personality by using an interesting color paint and tiles with pattern.

14. Hint of color 

Yes, white color opens up space and can make a small bathroom feels bigger. However, sometimes it’s a bit uncomfortable when everything is hospital white. Adding a hint of color is a great small bathroom idea.

15. Trendy monochrome bathroom accessories

You don’t need to spend a ton of money to refresh your bathroom look. Changing accessories sometimes is enough. For example, you can choose black or blush ones – they are on trend now and easy to implement.

16. Simple all-white

Make all-white space will feel more warm by decorating with plush towels. 

17. Make a choice

Sometimes you have to choose – bathtub or walk-in shower. Do not try to squeeze too much in a small bathroom.

18. Shower reposition

Positioning the shower against the long side of the bath and using a contrast wall tiles gives a more luxurious feel for your small bathroom.

19. Monochrome palette

White tiles and black grouting makes a small bathroom look more spacious and stylish. Add some decorating accessories to make a statement.

20. Recessed shelves

Building the shelves into the false walls is one of the best small bathrooms ideas. You can hide the pipework and get an additional place to store your toiletries, keeping them neat and organised.

21. Wet room

Design a wet room instead of a traditional bathroom and make the most of space. Think of a good ventilation and warm floor.

22. Mirrors

Mirrors reflect the light and can completely transform the bathroom. Interior designers often use this trick

23. A bathtub as a star

Freestanding bath can work as a focal point in a small bathroom. You always can buy a smaller model if you think your place is too tiny. 

24. A shelf above the paneling as a storage

Paneling doesn’t only frame the bathtub, but also becomes a shelf for your small accessories and toiletries. The light relaxing color is a great choice for a small bathroom.

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