Your terrace comes with natural beauty by default. What if you were able to make a few adjustments to show your guests how wonderful it can be? From lighting to layout and beyond, learn terrace design ideas to show off your originality.

Your terrace is more than just a patio extension. It can be your own place to relax and display your unique personality against a natural backdrop. It can get as simple or as intricate as you want it to be, but there’s one thing to keep in mind: you can make it original. 

From using the best granite cleaner to adding cozy furniture, your design ideas for your terrace can make your home the talk of the neighborhood for years to come. Get inspired with our tricks!


Add Proper Lighting

terrace lighting

While sitting out on your terrace during the daytime can be pleasant, there’s nothing quite like enjoying the perfect weather at night. It’s possible to find many outdoor terrace design ideas to improve your lighting. Lamps are among the most preferred, although you can also opt for tiki torches to achieve a more natural look. Street garland can attract the eyes to the overall structure if arranged strategically. Bear in mind that you will need to consider the installation costs to get electricity to these light sources in a way that doesn’t deter from your overall design idea. Yet, there’s one right addition that can really light up the terrace without the concern for wires.

Upgrade to a Fireplace


Beyond being the perfect light fixture, fireplaces can bring your friends and family together in colder weather. Out of the many outdoor fireplace design ideas, one prominent way to have yours is with a brick base escaping through a white granite top. Your fireplace can be built on the side of your terrace, but you can add a sense of togetherness by having it in the center surrounded by complementing furniture. Adjustments like this can add to the natural ambiance your terrace comes with by default.

Use Red Brick Layout Design Ideas

When thinking of outdoor design ideas for small outdoor space, you want foundations that are not only durable but eye-catching. Using red bricks for your terrace’s walls and pathway can provide a warm color palette that accentuates your landscaping or small plants. It can also create much-needed symmetry through its rectangular shapes that may otherwise be lost against a completely natural backdrop. 

Install Ceramic Tiles

terrace tiles

Similar to the concept above about using red bricks, ceramic tiles offer a flooring pattern that can withstand a lot of rain and persistent weather. As long as your foundation is level, you can lay this terrace tiles on anything from soil to gravel and take advantage of any color or texture contrasts. Place them in front of garden space, and you’ll bring your guests closer to nature like never before. In case you change your mind about where to place them, ceramic tiles are quick and easy to disassemble without ruining space integrity. 

With proper lighting, fireplace installation, red brick layouts, and ceramic tiles, these design ideas will bring your terrace from just part of your home to the go-to spot for your community.

If you were to design your own terrace, what would you do? Leave a comment below to let us know what terrace design ideas you have that we didn’t mention!

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