Spring is coming, and with it comes a fresh wind of change. And although it is still cool outside, the warm sun is coming, making us desire to refresh our homes and fill it with spring mood. Our easy decoration ideas will help you.


1.Pastel Tones

It’s time to change the dark, dramatic “winter” colors in the interior to soft, light, pastel shades. This may be new bedding in the bedroom, decorative pillows, spring covers for armchairs, bright accessories or hand-repainted chairs.

2.Window Decor

Spring transformations should be started from the windows – after all, they let light into the house. Replace heavy winter curtains with light, flowing fabrics. It can be cotton, thin linen, tulle or organza with a simple bright pattern – leave complex patterns to winter time.

Useful advice: keep at least two sets of textile decoration at home: warm, rich colors and voluminous materials for winter and fresh shades and soft textures for spring.

easy decoration ideas

3.Spring Bouquets

The first spring greens pleases us not only in the garden, but also at home. Even if it’s still cold outside, tulips, daffodils, hyacinths can be grown in beautiful flowerpots right in the living room or on the warm balcony. Fresh flowers are the first sign that spring has come to your home. Beautiful bouquets and flower baskets compiled by florists will also be a good alternative to home gardening.

Good advice: mix fresh cut spring flowers with lots of green branches.

easy decoration ideas

4. More Light

In spring, days get longer and there is more natural light. But sometimes additional tricks may be required to make home brighter. Mirrors are a good solution. If you hang or put a large mirror in front of a window or on an adjacent wall, it will reflect light, filling the room with sunbeams and highlights.

easy decoration ideas

5. Spring Table Decor

Table setting plays an important role in the home interior. It’s time to buy cutlery and dishes of delicate pastel colors with a floral print. Use for decoration ribbons, stained glass, floral arrangements.

easy decoration ideas
spring table setting

6. Branches in Water

Blossoming trees are the first sign that nature wakes up after hibernation. You can speed this process up a bit by putting a few branches in the water on your coffee table. Willow, linden, birch, exotic magnolia or almond – all this is perfect for a spring bouquet.

easy decoration ideas

7. Nature – to The House!

Spring is the time to let nature into the house! If you don’t have a home greenhouse yet, it’s time to start one. Decorate your house with indoor plants: wall and hanging flower pots, shelves and window sills will help you beautifully equip your home garden and create a green oasis in the metropolis. And do not forget about the kitchen and the bathroom: according to the latest trends, greenery should be everywhere!

easy decoration ideas

We hope you liked these easy decoration ideas and will implement them at your home.