The Australian studio designed the Via Porta cafe in Melbourne in a style of a Italian retro-bistro.

Stone flooring, marble countertops, stucco, Vienna furniture … The new cafe with a small deli Via Porta in Melbourne is a tribute to the Italian roots of its owner and her childhood memories.

“Our grandparents grew up in Italy, on farms, and brought us up with love and respect for Italian food and dishes,” the owner explains. “We wanted Via Porta to be a unique place that goes beyond the normal diner and provides customers with the opportunity to create their own memories and impressions of the dishes.”

The source of inspiration for the cafe interior design was the old Italian bistro. The ground floor of the establishment resembles a typical Italian street with a pavement and facades covered with sand-colored stucco.

The color palette of interior design is rather restrained, if not minimalistic, but with different finishes and textures, which gives the cafe interior a visual variety and “tactility”.

Along one of the walls there are wooden open shelves, where products and spices for cooking are put up for sale. On the opposite side there is a bar with a luxurious marble counter, where visitors can have a coffee or enjoy one of the Italian or European snacks that are prepared at the restaurant. Also there are several tables with comfortable Vienna chairs and a comfortable leather sofa in olive color.

At the end of the hall there is a grocery area – a massive sandstone-covered counter selling groceries, cheese and other products, including Italian ones.

Vienna wooden furniture, stucco on the walls, stone flooring – all this creates an atmosphere of traditional Italian bistros, which is complemented by vintage photos and drawings from the archives of the family.

The facade of the cafe is painted white, simple fonts and a sign resemble numerous Italian street venues.