Correcting mistakes made when designing a kitchen is much more difficult than rearranging a bed or changing a wallpaper. Architects and designers identified the most typical mistakes in kitchen interior design. Forewarned is forearmed!

Too long work surface

If the kitchen area is large, to arrange all the furniture in a row along the wall is not the best idea. As a result, the cooking process will turn into a series of sprint races from one end of the kitchen to the other. If it is possible, it is better to choose an “island” or a U-shaped layout: the area of the working surface is the same, but you do not need to run anywhere. The points of the so-called “working triangle” – sink, stove and refrigerator – should be close to each other.

Natural marble worktops and floors

It looks very beautiful, however this material has a porous structure – when viewed under a microscope, it resembles the bottom surface of a mushroom cap. Dirt penetrates deep into the thickness of the marble, and it is impossible to wash it. Artificial stone or granite worktops are much easier to clean.

marble worktop kitchen

Glossy facades

Glossy facades of course look very impressive, but fingerprints constantly remain on them (especially in the area of handles!). You need to wipe such surfaces every day, so immediately add the salary of a housemaid to the cost of the kitchen. It is strange that manufacturers did not think of automatically including it in the kit! If you still can’t find life without gloss, choose not smooth, but textured facades: the fingerprints on them are not so visible.

glossy metallic kitchen facades

Shelves instead of drawers

A typical mistake is to plan regular shelves where they can be replaced with drawers. The fact is that the contents of the drawer are easy to take a look at. And to get to things standing in the back, you do not have to carry out archaeological excavations. Shelves often turn into a “cemetery” of dishes and supplies, which the owners simply forget about.

Wood flooring

If you have little children, do not use wooden floors in the kitchen. These cuties constantly spill and drop something on the floor, so it will unlikely look nice for a long time.

white and grey kitchen with wood floor

Too wide cabinet drawers

Kitchen drawers 100-120 cm wide that can be pulled out so easy? In furniture stores we see them all the time, but do not forget that in the shop these drawers are empty. If you clog all these 120 cm with plates and jars, the “ease of being” disappears forever.

Lack of space for small household appliances

Built-in technology is good, but you can’t do without separate devices either. Immediately provide for them a place on the countertop (and sockets). Build in absolutely everything is impossible!

small household appliances grey

The absence of landing space on the countertop

Between the refrigerator, sink and stove, areas of the working surface are needed. After all, first you need to get the food out of the refrigerator (and put it somewhere), then wash it (and put it somewhere again), and then cook.

Being a victim of the trends

If you always want to stay on top of the latest trends, don’t forget that most people renovate kitchen about once every 10-15 years, so you need to think about a design that will stand the test of time. If you want to use the latest trends of finish or colour, it’s safer to add them in your kitchen accessories, which can be swapped out easily and not so expensive if your taste changes.

Smeg kitchen blue and beige

Too safe solutions

Yes, the kitchen has to be the most practical space, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about style in your kitchen interior design. All white units and walls are easy to live with, but they always feel a bit boring and clinical, especially when combined with stainless steel appliances. Mix them with a statement accessories, interesting handles or a patterned tile floor.

all white simple kitchen