What’s new in the bathroom interior design and decor? What colors, materials and trends are currently on top?Bathroom nowadays is turning into an island of peace and relaxation for residents of modern megalopolises. Today, the decor and design of the bathroom receives as much attention as other areas in the house. The main thing when designing a bathroom is not to violate safety measures and remember that you are dealing with water and a humid environment, so waterproofing, heating and ventilation should be carefully thought out. The rest is up to your imagination.


1. Natural Wood

Last years, natural wood has almost disappeared from our bathrooms, giving way to modern materials. Especially great was its return in 2019. Wood today is used everywhere – from floors covered with parquet or floorboards, to cabinet furniture and bath screens! Special processing and use of moisture-resistant types ensure a long service life, and the naturalness and environmental friendliness of the material corresponds to the global course in design for being closer to nature and sustainable development.

natural wood in bathroom

2. Coloured Bathroom Equipment

Forget about boring white walls – let the colour be! Bright and restrained, active and pastel – the colours finally loudly declared themselves in the new collections — and not only tiles, but also bathroom equipment.

coral color bathroom
green bathtub and colourful wallpaper

3. Shower to Replace the Bathtub

The shower is replacing the good old bathtub from our apartments. It needs less space, is easier to install and more practical in every way. Taking the place of a bathtub, the shower equipment itself is becoming larger: more and more often in modern houses you can find models of size XXL. Another trend is the rejection of standard shower cabins in favor of open spaces with a minimal glass partition or no one at all. Shower trays also become almost invisible, merging with the floor, such as products from the new Subway Infinity collection from Villeroy & Bosch.

beige bathroom open shower

4. Ellipsoid Shapes

For a long time in the design of bathroom furniture there was a war between those who advocated for clear, rectangular shapes, and supporters of smooth, rounded shapes. In 2019, the ellipsoid enters the battle and wins on all fronts. It can be found in new collections of mirrors, sinks, bathtubs in many bathroom trendsetter brands.

ellipsoid bathroom mirror

5. Black Faucets

After last year’s grand return of black and white to the bathroom design, now is the turn of the faucets. Many top manufacturers have released their iconic (and not only iconic) models in black. They combine perfectly with white sinks and bathtubs, giving the room a graphic effect that is relevant this year.

black and white bathroom
black glossy faucets

6. Daylight

Neon lights, as well as dim yellow electric lighting, have been rejected from our bathrooms. But in 2019, the trend for natural daylight (or the imitating daylight) lighting reached its top.

bathroom with panoramic city view

7. The Relief Pattern on the Walls

Along with the concrete, natural stone or tiles imitating these materials, which are still popular, a new trend is clearly visible in 2019 – walls with relief. It can be a rough stone or tiles with 3D relief, which can be used both for only one accent wall, and for the entire bathroom.

pink relief wall in bathroom trend

8. “Green” Philosophy and Sustainable Development

Sustainability is one of the main global trends in design. For the bathroom, this means the use of natural, recyclable materials, economical plumbing solutions that allow you to control the consumption of resources (water, electricity) and even reuse water for technical purposes. Modern faucets are equipped with aerators and thermostats, toilets use water after the sink, and bathtubs are combined with showers, performing two functions.

sustainable bathtub plus shower
toilet uses water from sink

9. Open Floor Plan

Just as the kitchen was integrated into our dining rooms and living rooms, the bathroom is being integrated into the living space. There are more and more design solutions for open-plan bathrooms, combined with a bedroom or even a living room.

The furniture itself for bathrooms is also being transformed: the cabinets under the sink get decorative details, mirrors get designer frames, and many lighting models from different manufacturers acquire moisture-proof characteristics so that they can be used in a humid area .

bathroom connected to bedroom
shower in bedroom

10. Live plants

And finally, this year green plants and flowers are 100% must have of any trendy interior, whether it’s a city apartment or a country house. Urban Jungle is not only one of the most mentioned tags on Instagram and Pinterest, but also a whole philosophy of life, which today has a lot of followers around the world. This trend did not pass by the bathroom, which in trendy houses must look like a blooming garden of Eden.

plants in a bathroom