Modern interior design of the living room is one of the most common styles, which allows free layouts and a large variety of materials. In addition, it is convenient, elegant and minimalistic. The main color scheme includes neutral colors with the addition of bright accessories: complex graphics, floral ornaments, smooth curved lines and shapes.
Get inspired by 25 stunning modern living room ideas and use these tips to design your perfect living room.

modern living room
modern living room villa

The fireplace is a common element in the modern living room interior design. It will not only make a room cozy, but will also become a real decoration of the room.

black and white modern living room
modern living room brown


Modern living room wall decoration

 You can use wood to decorate the walls in the modern living room. For example, decorate walls with wood panels.

wood panels modern living room
modern living room interior design

Also, the walls of the living room can be:

  • painted in pastel colors (beige or gold, olive or white);
  • decorated with wallpaper with a fabric texture;
  • decorated with beautiful paintings or fretwork;
  • covered with fabric with floral patterns.
modern living room interior
modern living room beige
modern living room black and gold
modern living room painting abstract

Modern Living Room Floor

On the floor you can lay parquet or laminate flooring, carpet or rug with asymmetric patterns.

modern living room interior
modern living room interior

Modern Living Room Ceiling

The ceiling can be simple white if you wish. For decoration, you can use:

  • gypsum;
  • marble;
  • crystal;
  • natural stone;
  • natural wood;
  • glass;
  • ceramic.
modern living room grey

Color in the Living Room Interior

Colors of the modern style are mostly white and brown colors, which are close to natural tones.The interior design of the modern living room does not accept the use of flashy bright colors.White, beige, mustard, brown or olive will look good. Some details may be silver or gold.

beautiful modern living room
modern living room white
modern living room beige

Furniture for Living Room

Furniture in the modern living room should be comfortable, light and functional, preferably with smooth lines and a round back. The sofa has a special role as it is a place for relaxation and comfort. An addition could be chairs of an unusual shape or bright colors (red, raspberry, orange, yellow). Glossy modern furniture will make the room brighter and fill with positive ambient

modern living room hanging chair
modern living room interior design
black and white modern living room

Living Room Lighting

A large window is perfect for the modern interior design style, for which the presence of a large amount of natural light is very important. It also emphasizes the feeling of spaciousness in the room. It’s better to organize several lighting levels in the modern living room.A big chandelier in the center of the room is usually used as the main lighting, and for additional spots — lamps on the walls and floor.

modern living room panoramic
modern living room warm
modern living room feminine

Living Room Decoration

In the modern living room, it is appropriate to apply such decorative elements:

  • plants;
  • carpet imitating grass;
  • stained-glass windows with a geometric or floral pattern;
  • shelves with decorative dishes;
  • light curtains with floral patterns.
modern living room decor
modern black living room
modern living room

What do you think about modern interior design style?