Do you already know your favorite style in kitchen interior design? We present you 11 different interior styles to choose from so that you understand what you prefer.

For a small kitchen of 5 sq. m. meters in your city apartment or for a luxurious kitchen plus dining room of 20 sq. m. in a country house – you should choose your favorite style and design a room following it. Even if you consider that your dream kitchen is difficult to achieve – step by step, starting from the right finish, choosing a headset and countertops, and ending with the decor, you can definitely get what you want!


Loft – Perfect for a Modern Apartment

loft kitchen

The loft style is suitable for any modern apartment, but it looks especially good in an open plan, as in this project.
The combination of dark colors with non-standard textures and reliefs, glossy appliances in black and stylish ceilings looks great here. Please note that both the interior door, and small household appliances, as well as other details of the decoration, were selected for this style at the stage of the project design.

Classic Style – Luxury Country Life

classic kitchen

Unlike modern ones, the classic style looks elegant in large spaces. Classic details such as bas-reliefs, carved wood, gilding, edging for facades and tiles, complex moldings and cornices are what make the kitchen in this style especially beautiful.
This kitchen set was created according to the sketches of designers. Please note that the sink has been prudently placed between two windows to hang a cupboard directly above it.

Minimalism – for a Small Apartment

minimalist kitchen

And here is the minimalist style with facades without handles, laconic lighting and dark accents – perfect for a small apartment, for example, for a modern studio in a new building. And if you add the island, concrete ceilings and trendy lights above the dining room, you will get the perfect designer mix!

Contemporary – Bold and Original Combinations

contemporary kicthen

Contemporary style, in contrast to modern and minimalism, explores new angles of new design. The most advanced, it combines textures, shades, decoration ideas from different styles and looks much more original.

Provence – for Those Who Have Always Dreamed of France

provence kitchen

Provence style kitchen interior design is suitable for those who have always dreamed of a French-style kitchen! Anywhere in the world such an interior will always be inspiring and especially atmospheric.

Scandinavian – Kitchen for a Bright Small Apartment

Scandinavian - Kitchen

Scandinavian kitchens are so popular because with a stylish look they are inexpensive and can be designed using the most common elements. For example, some of them do not even need top and display cabinets and corner modules.

Eclecticism – Chic Fashion Trends

eclectic kitchen

Eclectic interior design looks best in the upper price segment. Luxurious lighting, marble and a Venetian terrace, unusual layouts, Italian headsets and soft velvet semi-chairs are what you will most likely find in the eclectic interior of your kitchen in 2020!

Mediterranean – Southern Fairy Tale

mediterranean kitchen

The Mediterranean style of interior design can be light or dark, bright or dull, urban or provincial. But all Mediterranean interiors are united by the presence of trendy colors and a special, southern and warm mood.

Rustic and Eco – for Atmospheric Interiors

eco style kitchen

Rustics and eco style, popular for a country house, express themselves especially brightly in kitchen interior design. Natural wood and stone, concrete and brick makes such interiors not only strong, but also very creative!

Modern Interior – Functionality is Everything

modern kitchen

The modern style in the kitchen interior design gives the highest efficiency – low costs, high returns, easy to decorate, but at the same time the most convenient and ergonomic layout.

Art Deco – the Charm of the 20s

art deco kitchen

The amazing art deco style is the elusive atmosphere of the 1920s, which is now only available in luxury projects. Cocktail parties, the Gatsby era and the ultimate luxury of every detail.